We want everyone who shares this dream to be able to join us. We do, however, have to be honest with ourselves. This arrival will require some basic stick and rudder skills, along with discipline in your flying. You will have to hold airspeed and altitude with very close tolerances. You will have to be able to sidestep to another runway at the last minute if so instructed. The possibility exists we will have a crosswind to deal with at Oshkosh. Most importantly, you will need to possess the skill to fly twenty feet off the deck if instructed and land on a colored dot. High-speed taxi will also be a requisite. If you really want to join us, and you are deficient in any of these areas, go out and practice. We would suggest a couple of hours with a CFI that makes you sweat would go a long way towards building your confidence. We are only as strong as our weakest link. Everyone's safety depends on the pilots ahead of and behind them. In addition, you will be observed when you land at the staging point. The training at Waupaca is not primary flight training. Those skills should already be firmly ensconced when you arrive at the staging area. The saturation training at Waupaca is for the purpose of getting into a formation of three-ship elements and flying with the group to a safe and uneventful landing at Oshkosh.

 Questions are always free, so contact us at any time. We will find the answers one way or another.

The basic minimum requirements for Cherokees to Oshkosh are as follows:

  • 500 hours total time (For those with less than 500 hours, if you feel confident in your abilities and/or have special training or experience that might qualify you to fly formation, please contact Ed LeBlanc, Director Air Operations.  As an example, we have found that pilots who have already flown formation, flew a lot of "un-logged" time or have an instrument rating may be well qualified to join our formation)
  • 50 hours in Cherokees
  • 20 hours within the last 90 days prior to OSH is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED with a recommended focus on airspeeds and procedures taught at CtO Mini-Clinics
  •  Meet all currency requirements
  • Proof of liability insurance/photocopy MUST accompany registration packet
  • Signed copy of Cherokeesto Oshkosh, Inc. – 2021 Flight Waiver (sign online)
  • Must possess and have read 2021 NOTAM for AirVenture (When NOTAM is released the link will be here and under the Documents menu).
  • MUST attend MiniClinic Flight Training — for Dates, Locations, and Registration, see SCHEDULE page.
  • MUST review all ‘CtO Fundamentals’ videos (newcomers) and/or slide presentations (past attendees) PRIOR to attending their first mini-clinic.
  • MUST review ‘CtO Arrival Safety Briefing’ video(s) PRIOR to arrival at Central Wisconsin Airport (KCWA), Wausau, WI and document such participation online. NOTE: Watching these videos does not eliminate the requirement to attend the in-person mandatory safety briefing/briefings presented at KCWA!
  • Arrive at the staging area (KCWA – Mosinee, WI) on or before Thursday, July 22, 2021
  • MUST attend Formation Flight Training Clinic on Friday, July 23, 2021
  • MUST attend Safety Briefing on Saturday, July 24, 20021
  • MUST submit a Registration Fee of $125 by March 31, 2021 (Earlybird) or $150 by May 31, 2021 (if spaces are still available).
  • MUST be considered appropriately trained and ready to safely participate in the Mass Arrival by the CtO leadership team prior to the Mass Arrival departure. While any "no-go" decision will involve full participation by the pilot, all decisions by CtO leadership are final. 
  • Must agree to accept flight decisions made by Cherokees to Oshkosh, Inc. in the event of weather problems or arrival conflicts at KOSH beyond the organization’s control, this may include a delay until the following day (Sunday, July 25, 2021) or complete cancellation of the Mass Arrival.

In addition, EAA has some rules we need to follow once we arrive. we highly recommend that everyone read all available information on their website, regarding camping with your aircraft. Here are the basics:

  • EVERYONE MUST TIE DOWN!!! (Tie-downs may be rented on-site) Dog lead style tie-downs are NOT acceptable at KOSH. 
  • Camping on the field requires EAA membership. You can join there if needed. We suggest doing it now. You will receive a lot of information prior to Oshkosh that will assist you in planning and making your AirVenture experience even more memorable. See airventure.org for camping, attraction, schedules, and survival guide information.
  • The camping fee does NOT grant admission to AirVenture. You must purchase that separately by the day or by the week.
  • https://www.eaa.org/airventure/plan-your-eaa-airventure-trip/eaa-camping-and-lodging