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Cherokees going to Oshkosh

N626RN N2927M N7144W N36601 N92307 N132GT N32761 N616FL N9594W N29636 N15499 N56821 N161DE N4389T N4373T N4320J N9234K N4374X N284HP N75382 N2153T N38373 N9397W N7472W N1689J N5955U N24372 N5560F N75332 N2454T N936BW N26167 N2661T N181KC N39707 N5356L N695FL N24AU N5645F N2918D N1686J N55682 N26411 N3971K N1196N N86AJ N130BW N28338 N27202

Countdown to Oshkosh

Growing Our Family
One Aviator At A Time

As a newly minted pilot, when I first heard about CtO my initial reaction when I read the minimum requirements, was to say "see you in five years." Actually, I did say something similar, and decided to back out. At that point I received a number of emails encouraging me to join the group ensuring me that safety was the number one priority, and no one would let me get into trouble. It was suggested that I try a clinic and reserve judgment until then. I heeded the advice and headed for KJEF. I want to thank you all for making me feel welcome, for providing exceptional training, and for bringing me into your family.

Mitch Kahn
CtO Hospitality Tent

CtO Hospitality Tent

Cherokees to Oshkosh Mass Arrival

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